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Details of the death of tango legend Juan Carlos

Details of the death of tango legend Juan Carlos

The tango legend, Argentine Juan Carlos Copes, at the age of 89, has died due to complications related to the emerging corona virus, according to his family.

Details of the death of tango legend Juan Carlos

"Everything happened very quickly," AFP quoted his daughter, Johanna Coppes, adding, "My father died ... he will always shine among the stars and forever in the history of tango dance."

In December 2020, the Argentine dancer and choreographer was infected with the virus.

Juan Carlos Copes, born on May 31, 1931 in the capital, Buenos Aires, is famous for making tango a complete style of dance, and for transferring this popular dance to the most important international theaters.

 Cops formed a legendary tango duo with Maria Neves. Although their married life lasted from 1964 to 1973, they continued to dance together until 1997.

Followed in his footsteps, his daughter, Johanna, was his dance partner for nearly 20 years. Juan Carlos Copes retired from dancing in 2015.

And the Argentine Ministry of Culture mentioned via "Twitter" that Cobes "shone on Broadway and was admired in Europe, and formed an unforgettable dance duo with Maria Neves and presented unparalleled performances."

He was also called "Protango", one of the most important Tango promotion societies, describing it as a "legend of tango dance", reminding him that he "has taught generations of artists and introduced the whole world to innovative tango performances."

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