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Demet Ozdemir with a winter look that shows off her elegance

Demet Ozdemir with a winter look that shows off her elegance

Turkish actress Demet Ozdemir was keen to share with her followers a new photo via the Asturi feature on the social networking site for photos and videos "Instagram", in which she appeared with a soft and simple look that highlights her beauty.

Demet Ozdemir with a winter look that shows off her elegance

Demet Ozdemir chose to wear a high-cool black top with long sleeves, which highlighted the elegance and sophistication of her look.

Demet Ozdemir left her brown locks of hair flowing across her shoulders in a smooth and soft manner, which gave her a distinctive and charming look.

Demet Ozdemir brought out her makeup look; And she chose to highlight the beauty of her eyes with mascara to highlight the beauty of her eyes, while putting the soft cashmere color as a lipstick.

Demet Ozdemir did not bother wearing the accessories, but she was satisfied with appearing elegant and attractive.

The name is Demet Özdemir (Turkish: Demet Özdemir), a Turkish TV and film actress, born on February 26, 1992 in a town in the Goja Ili province in the city of Kocaeli in Turkey. She was famous in the Arab world for her role in the series The Smell of Strawberry as Aseel.

After the separation of her parents, she moved to live in Istanbul, Demet Ozdemir began her career by participating in the dance troupe of the famous Turkish singer Bingo, then with special teams of cheerleading dancers.

Demet Ozdemir appeared on the screens for the first time as a model in one of the songs of the singer Mustafa Sandal, and as an actress, Ozdemir began making her way in 2013, when she appeared for the first time with the role of "Eileen" in the famous Turkish drama "I will give you a secret", which starred Israa Ronabar and the star. Murad Khan, and the star Akin Kush.

Demet Ozdemir is the youngest daughter of a family as she has three older girls, and since her parents separated, she has moved with her mother and older sister to live in Istanbul.

Ozdemir became known in Turkey and the Arab world more when she portrayed the character "Alia" in the famous Turkish drama "Leith and Nora", which starred Kivanc Tatlitug and star Farah Zainab Abdullah.

Demet Ozdemir with a winter look that shows off her elegance

In the cinema, Demet appeared in 2015 with her first film, "I Fulfill Your Promise"; She considered the real shift in Demet Ozdemir's artistic life as her starring role in the famous Turkish youth drama "The Smell of Strawberry", which starred alongside the star Yusef Cem and the star Aiken Mert Daimas, and that series achieved a high viewership in Turkey, as it was very popular outside Turkey. He contributed to making Demet Ozdemir famous throughout the world.

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