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Carole Samaha "barefoot" in her latest appearance: Be strong for you

Carole Samaha "barefoot" in her latest appearance: Be strong for you

Actress Carole Samaha participated in her last appearance following the release of her new album, with her fans and followers of her personal page on "Facebook", with a different "look" without wearing shoes.

Carole Samaha "barefoot" in her latest appearance: Be strong for you

Carole wore a sexy dress, "One Shoulder", of the "Pentahani" color, and appeared with "Lis" hair, straight without a specific hairstyle, put on light makeup, and stared in the photo barefoot.

And Carole Samaha wrote in her comment on the photo, which she posted on Facebook: "Be strong for you ... do you believe in this saying?"

And a large number of her fans and followers interacted with her through likes and comments, which included: “Morning roses and jasmine be upon you all, and a blessed Friday on you with health and wellness, O Lord of the Worlds,” and “God willing, beautiful, wonderful and exciting,” and “Of course we believe in this saying.” , And “My Lord preserves and preserves your stunning beauty.”

Carole Samaha releases the Christmas album

Carole Samaha used to share pictures, snapshots and videos of her daily life with her fans and followers through her various pages on social media, and recently her new album, "Christmas Carole", was released, complete on YouTube, and the album includes 9 songs: “From year to year, days of the year, let's be happy Come on, joke, Santa, come back, oh time, every holiday and you are my lover, at the end of the street, Jesus is coming, King of Peace. ”

Carole said on Twitter, that the album contains a romantic song: “Who said Christmas, we don’t celebrate with love and lovers .. The song for every holiday and you are well my love .. a romantic song from the holiday atmosphere that you can hear tonight.” .

A song was devoted to children: “Children are an important part of the Christmas album… Listen tonight, two messages with the children's anthem, King of Peace,” the King of Peace, written by Nadine Ghassan Nassar and composed by Eddy Carrot.

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