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Cairo Airport: 24,000 passengers arrived and travel today on 223 flights

Cairo Airport: 24,000 passengers arrived and travel today on 223 flights

Cairo International Airport witnesses, throughout the day, Friday, the departure and arrival of 24,000 passengers on board 223 flights, operated by Arab international companies and the national carrier EgyptAir, in addition to private Egyptian companies, with the commitment to apply strict precautionary measures, whether inside the airport or on board aircraft for prevention From the spread of the new Corona virus and maintaining the health and safety of travelers.

Cairo Airport: 24,000 passengers arrived and travel today on 223 flights

Well-informed sources at Cairo Airport said that the airport lounges witnessed during the 24th the arrival of 111 international, domestic and private flights, carrying more than 10 thousand passengers, and the departure of 112 flights to several destinations, whether European, Arab, Asian or African, carrying more than 13 thousand passengers, and the Cairo International Airport authorities take all precautionary measures taken to confront the outbreak of the Coronavirus, and apply all precautionary and preventive measures in accordance with the instructions of the World Health Organization and the Ministry of Health to ensure the safety of travelers and arrivals.

Egyptian airports are obligated to implement the government’s decision to ban entry to those coming from abroad of all nationalities without a PCR test with a negative result before the flight by a deadline of 72 hours, and children under 6 years of age are excluded from all nationalities.

The decision includes Egyptians and foreigners coming from all countries abroad, except for those coming from Japan - China - Thailand - North and South America - Canada and London Heathrow - Paris - Frankfurt airports, where a maximum period of 96 hours is allowed from the scheduled date for the next flight from these countries. Due to the long travel and transit times at those airports, those coming directly to Sharm El Sheikh, Hurghada, Marsa Alam and Taba airports can only conduct a PCR analysis upon their arrival at the airport for $ 30 in the event that he does not bring the PCR certificate with him, as part of the state's precautionary plan to confront the Corona virus and prevent It spread through travelers.

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