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Bill Clinton sleeps during Biden's inauguration

Bill Clinton sleeps during Biden's inauguration

While former US President "Bill Clinton" was attending the speech of the new President "John Biden" at a historic inauguration, he fell asleep.

Bill Clinton sleeps during Biden's inauguration

The inauguration ceremony witnessed extreme security restrictions, while the attendance was limited to a thousand people only.

The ceremony on the grounds of the Capitol was attended by former presidents George W. Bush, Barack Obama and Bill Clinton. According to "Sky News Arabia".

Joe Biden was sworn in at noon on Wednesday, becoming the forty-sixth president of the United States.

In a speech after the oath, he called for "unity", pledging to defeat the tendency to believe in the supremacy of the white race and in "internal terrorism." He praised the day of "hope" and "victory for democracy."

The ceremony began at the US Capitol two weeks after Trump supporters surrounded the building.

The "Kamala Harris" was sworn in as the forty-sixth Vice President of the United States.

And former President "Donald Trump" ignored the inauguration. He announced that he would not attend it, while the 96-year-old former president, Jimmy Carter, was unable to attend.

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