Beware ... frozen foods can expose you to dangerous diseases

Beware ... frozen foods can expose you to dangerous diseases

A large number of women and children resort to eating frozen foods, to distinguish them with the taste that children and sometimes adults prefer. However, studies have shown that these foods contain a lot of harm to human health.

The following report reviews the most prominent diseases caused by frozen foods. According to "Today's News" site.

1- Heart disease

Studies have confirmed that trans fats found in frozen foods are the main cause of heart disease, hardening of the arteries and strokes. This is due to the increase in the percentage of sodium and hydrogenated oils, which are used to preserve these foods and increase the level of cholesterol in the blood.

2- Obesity

The trans fats found in frozen foods help, in addition to lowering the beneficial calories in these foods. Weight gain promises a feeling of fullness, in addition to losing muscle and replacing it with difficult-to-lose triglycerides.

3- Psychological disorders

Recent studies have shown that excessive intake of frozen and canned foods helps with mental disorders. The lack of control over the individual's mood, and it increases unjustified tension and anxiety.

4- Pancreatic cancer

Studies show that frozen foods increase the risk of pancreatic cancer by 65%. This is because frozen foods contain hydrogenated corn oil, which contains synthetic glucose, which causes cancer.

5- Diabetes

The starch, found in frozen foods, is a major health hazard. Where starch turns food into sugars before it is digested, it increases the risk of developing diabetes. In addition, the starch works to damage body tissues in general.



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