Before losing his fortune ... is it time for Melania to separate from Trump

Before losing his fortune ... is it time for Melania to separate from Trump

The future of the relationship between Melania Trump and her husband, former US President Donald Trump, is in question, and recent reports confirm that Melania intends to separate as quickly as possible to come out with maximum financial gains before a possible big loss in the fortune of the famous Republican billionaire.

Before losing his fortune ... is it time for Melania to separate from Trump

The British newspaper "The Daily Star" says that Melania Trump was advised to move quickly to separate from her husband, if the former US president faced serious charges during his upcoming trial in the Senate.

Rumors about an intention to divorce between the spouses were strengthened after Melania was photographed turning away from the photographers' lenses and ignoring the former president upon their arrival in Florida on the day of President Joe Biden's inauguration on January 20.

While reports went out into the open, supporting that idea, especially since Melania and Trump were sleeping in separate rooms in the White House during the last days after losing the US presidential election to Biden.

In this context, the newspaper quoted Eric Schaeffer, a trademark expert and director of Reputation Management Consultants, that Melania will file for divorce immediately if any indictment is issued against her husband.

He adds that any indictment against Trump will lead to the end of the relationship, especially since Melania, 50, believes that marriage will not be wonderful in that period.

Shafer said during his statement to the newspaper, that Melania's advisers will urge her to separate quickly, especially since the divorce will cost Trump about $ 150 million.

Moreover, if Melania does not move quickly in the procedures for the separation, she may face a significant financial loss, because Trump's assets may become frozen, and then he will not have sufficient funds to pay them, according to the newspaper.

"The indictment against the former president of the United States will be the last chapter in that tense relationship," the expert added.

The news of disagreements between Melania and her husband comes, as the 74-year-old US billionaire prepares to face more charges in the Senate after becoming the first president in the country's history to stand trial twice.

Trump faces charges of encouraging his supporters to revolt and cause riots during the storming of the Capitol building on January 6, as he prepares Congress to vote on Biden's victory as president-elect.

Meanwhile, reports spoke of the former first lady of the United States wanting to stay out of sight, avoid the limelight and the world of fame, to focus on her life as a housewife.

Melania married Trump in 2005 in a legendary wedding, and she did not issue an official statement about the separation, but her previous assistant, Stephanie Woolcoff, indicated that their relationship is stable and strong, despite the abundance of rumors.

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