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Arab Disney Princess Nancy Zidan ... embodied Cinderella and Adel Imam with the art of makeup

Arab Disney Princess Nancy Zidan ... embodied Cinderella and Adel Imam with the art of makeup

When the artist reaches the stage of creativity, people look at the artistic value presented to them, to attract them in a distinctive way and take them to other aspects of exciting art with dazzling ideas and outside the box.

Arab Disney Princess Nancy Zidan ... embodied Cinderella and Adel Imam with the art of makeup

This is the approach taken by the famous blogger Nancy Zidane, who took advantage of the tik tok outlet and the social networking space, to present an entertaining and purposeful art that many people love, using her creativity in the work of "makeup" to embody in her form the artistic personalities and the characters of the fun Disney cartoon world.

Nancy, a 33-year-old graduate of the College of Media, invaded the Disney cartoon world through her embodiment of characters loved by children, most recently "Cinderella", the most famous Disney world full of magic and innocent childhood, to make a name for herself and attract thousands of followers through Instagram and TikTok, according to She spoke to "Echo of the Country" website.

Nancy, who works mainly as a makeup artist, began embodying artistic personalities two years ago, when she saw a blogger in Europe doing these artistic things, to have in her mind the implementation of an idea similar to this and set out to embody famous artistic figures that admired thousands of followers through an audience Social Media.

"Nancy" embodied the character of the leader "Adel Imam" in many of his films and the character of "Ezalqum" represented by the star Ahmed Makki, then she went to the Disney world, which her daughter loves to embody through

"Nancy Zidane" was called "the Arab Disney Princess", for her embodiment of the cartoon characters of this world, by designing dresses and costumes and embodying the appearance of these empty characters on her face by using makeup arts, so that she is present on the ground through the gate of her art.

"Nancy" liked to embody the "Cinderella" character, by designing dresses similar to that cartoon character, carried out by "Ahmed Ashour", and his photographs embodied "Shaima Abdel Rahim" in a photo session that impressed thousands of followers of the blogger "Nancy Zidan".

After wearing the "Cinderella" dress she designed, she chose "Nancy", one of the high street in Sheikh Zayed, 6th of October. She held a photo session during her embodiment of "Cinderella", who is close to her heart, to show it on her page that is watched by thousands of fans across the Arab world.

Nancy Zidane aspires to have a wider audience through social media, to start designing the dresses that are beloved to her, and to enter the fashion field in her own way.

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