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Antibiotics can make you seriously ill. Here are the details

Antibiotics can make you seriously ill. Here are the details

A recent study cautions against excessive intake of antibiotics, as they may cause serious mental illness.

The study indicated that too much antibiotics has serious complications. After making sure that it may result in mental breakdowns due to taking it without the supervision of a doctor, according to what was stated in the "Sputnik" site.

The researchers emphasized that antibiotics lead to psychosis and severe psychological effects resulting from their use.

The researchers found that taking the drug doxycycline, among the side effects of psychosis. Where thoughts and emotions lose touch with reality.

Of the more than 6000 reports of side effects for all types of doxycycline, 91 are related to psychosis or hallucinations. Scientists have concluded that doxycycline is not the only antibiotic associated with sudden and severe psychological problems. There are at least 14 antagonists in them that increase the risk of these psychological problems.

The study confirmed that 1,122 psychotic patients took fluoroquinolones, and it was found that psychosis is a possible adverse effect of antibiotic treatment. Besides, some drugs lead to complex interactions with chemicals in the brain, called neurotransmitters, which may have negative effects on the nervous system.


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