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Amr Diab chooses to reside in the UAE

Amr Diab chooses to reside in the UAE

Egyptian artist Amr Diab is preparing for semi-permanent residency in the United Arab Emirates.

And he will go back to his country Egypt continuously.

Amr Diab chooses to reside in the UAE

Amr will reside in an apartment he bought in Dubai a while ago. Meanwhile, his Saudi wife, Zeina Ashour, will be in Dubai during the holidays. Without information about their return after a year-long separation.

Currently, many question marks revolve around Amr Diab's relationship with the Australian fashion expert, Maryam Rudd, who is said to have become very close to Amr and has appeared alongside him in some public places.

In another context, Amr Diab has performed in Dubai in recent days, and his children appeared with him on stage.

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