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After postponing data sharing, WhatsApp surprises its users with a new feature

After postponing data sharing, WhatsApp surprises its users with a new feature

Although affected by the immigration of millions of users to his platform, after the instant messaging application WhatsApp announced a major change in its privacy policy, whose implementation was postponed to next May, which requires users to compulsorily agree to the new terms of service, which stipulates sharing user data with Facebook For advertising purposes, it is still developing new features for its users.

After postponing data sharing, WhatsApp surprises its users with a new feature

According to what was reported by "indian express", the WhatsApp application began to offer the feature of video and audio calls to more users of the desktop version, although this feature is currently still in the beta phase, but it is available to a limited number of users only, but not everyone will receive it immediately.

WhatsApp confirmed that the feature will begin to appear gradually in 2021, and according to Reuters in December 2020, the voice and video calling feature is only available in the mobile version of the messaging application.

Earlier, the calling feature was available to specific users and now, many people are starting to see the option on the WhatsApp Web version, and the company is expected to release the stable version in the coming months.

And some users who see the call option in the desktop version posted screenshots of the new feature on Twitter, adding a new feature of interest to many users of "WhatsApp Web", which would allow them to make audio and video calls directly from their computers.

The feature works if the user is the recipient of the call, to show him a separate pop-up window with the connected contact, with the name and profile picture, in addition to two buttons to accept the call, or answer it.

As for the user to make the call himself, the button dedicated to making calls will appear next to the contact's name, and when the call is made, the popup window will also appear, but in a smaller size with a button to mute the microphone, another button to activate the camera, in addition to a button to end the call, and a button that displays a special menu.

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