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About Joe Biden's daughter Ashley: a champion of the poor and social justice

About Joe Biden's daughter Ashley: a champion of the poor and social justice

The inauguration ceremony of Joe Biden, the 46th President of the United States, is currently taking place in the American capital, Washington, DC. Participants in the inauguration ceremony flocked to the Capitol building, and since Biden’s name was floated from the beginning as a candidate for the US presidential elections, the name of his daughter Ashley, who is expected to assume a great position, has spread. In the state.

About Joe Biden's daughter Ashley: a champion of the poor and social justice

"HEN" website monitors several information about the daughter of US presidential candidate Joe Biden, according to the popular women's magazine "Marie Claire" and the "Sky News" news network.

Who is Ashley, daughter of Joe Biden?

- The only daughter of the Democratic candidate from his second marriage, as he lost his daughter and first wife in 1972, in a traffic accident.

- She was born in 1981, and at the age of 39.

Biden is so attached to her that she even accompanied him a lot on his election campaigns.

She earned her degree in Cultural Anthropology from Tulane University in New Orleans.

She obtained her MA in Social Services from the University of Pennsylvania.

She became executive director of the Delaware Justice Center in 2014.

She works as a social justice activist and funds social service organizations in Washington, DC.

- In 2012 Married Plastic Doctor Howard Crane.

Ashley created Lifelighwood to trade in manufactured clothes in the United States, with the goal of donating the proceeds of sales to community organizations in Delaware.

Ashley Joe Biden declares her fear for her father

According to what Russia Today reported, the daughter of the US President revealed her concern about the safety of her father on the day of his inauguration, in her first television interview, where Ashley expressed her concerns about her father's safety, in the wake of the riots that occurred at the Capitol building, pointing out that she felt With deep sadness, after these demonstrations.

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