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7 smart tricks to get rid of "flying phobia" for good

7 smart tricks to get rid of "flying phobia" for good

Flying phobia or phobia of flying. It is a psychological problem that many people suffer from. It means fear of getting on a plane. Where the individual feels that the plane may fall at any moment, and thus will die and completely destroy his body, and this is how he imagines many terrifying things and assumptions.

7 smart tricks to get rid of "flying phobia" for good

The problem, however, is that flying by plane is an indispensable thing for many people. Either because of their type of work that requires travel. Or other emergency circumstances. So, here are some tips to overcome phobia of flying:

1- Do not sit near a window. And choose a seat in the middle of the plane.

2- You can watch a movie or read a book. Or do anything to take your mind off the idea of ​​travel.

3- Do not eat any type of food that contains caffeine. Before getting on the plane.

4- You can use medicines and sedatives to get rid of anxiety. But subject to prior consultation from a doctor.

5- One of the most important psychological factors is to encourage yourself. And to think of the positive things. Like your travel goals, opportunities to meet new people and amazing places.

6- Do not move in the plane as much as possible.

7- If you suddenly feel dizzy. Stop reading, and don't move your head down for too long.

8- It is possible to resort to chewing gum when the plane rises, and this is because it works to balance the air pressure in the body.

9- You can resort to sleep to reduce stress.

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