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What is the difference between brown and white eggs

What is the difference between brown and white eggs

Chicken eggs are a typical human food, because they contain easily digestible protein, various vitamins and chemical elements that the body needs.

But how do we choose eggs that bring the body the maximum possible benefit without harm?

People have become accustomed to distinguishing eggs on the basis of color. Some assert that brown eggs are more beneficial than white ones, while others assert the opposite. As for experts, they say that the color of the eggshell depends on the type of chicken.

What is the difference between brown and white eggs

For example, chickens with white or light-colored feathers give us white eggs, while other types of hens produce brownish-white feathers in varying degrees.

As for the color of the egg yolk, it depends on what the hen eats, and if her food contains a high percentage of carotene, then the egg yolk will be close to the orange color.

When buying eggs from the market, you must first of all pay attention to the date of production, shelf life and integrity of the shell, because cracks are an entrance for bacteria, which leads to their spoilage before their expiration date. Eggs should also be kept in the refrigerator, away from other materials, and it is preferable to wash them before use, to get rid of microorganisms such as salmonella and the preservatives on the surface of the outer shell.

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