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The most important features of Opera browser

The most important features of Opera browser

Block ads without downloading plugins

One of the features that I liked about Opera Browser is that it provides the ability to block ads from within it without the need to download any external add-ons to the browser, as we do with Google Chrome and others, where we have to download an add-on such as UBlocker or others to prevent annoying ads that confuse us while browsing the Internet and also consume your internet connection balance Us, but Opera provides you with this feature inside it, just by clicking on the side menu icon and scrolling to the bottom and pr
essing the Block ads button.

The most important features of Opera browser

Save any internet page on your device to browse at any time without an internet connection

The most important features that I liked about Opera Browser is its ability to save any web page with all its contents, including text, images and links in pdf format, an e-book on your device, with the utmost efficiency, speed and great shape without the need to download any external add-ons, unlike other browsers such as Google Chrome and others, where you have to download external add-ons To save web pages in pdf format and often do not work as required and have many defects and take a period, as for Opera, all you have to do is click right inside the web page that you want to keep and then choose save as pdf as the picture below, to keep a copy of it on your device to browse it at any time You want without an Internet connection, and this feature is important and useful to those who do not have a permanent connection to the Internet or who have a limited balance, and who use the Internet for educational purposes such as learning and scientific research.

Run communication and communication applications

Among the features of the Opera browser as well is its ability to run communication and communication applications from within it, whether on the computer, smart phone or tablet, and it provides you with the ability to chat and communicate with your friends without the need to leave the browser, and with regard to this feature, the Opera browser supports the most popular and most used communication applications such as WhatsApp Telegram and Facebook Messenger, and you can use this feature from the browser side menu as in the following picture (from Opera on your computer).

Battery saving feature

One of the useful features of the Opera browser is also the feature of running the browser in battery saving mode, as it is known that surfing the Internet is one of the things that consumes most of the battery charge, and you can make this distinctive feature work automatically when the computer is turned on with the battery or when the charge reaches a certain limit, through Browser side menu Choose Go to browser setting at the bottom of the menu.

A wallet for digital currencies

One of the important features also found in the Opera browser is the provision of a wallet for digital currencies such as Bitcoin and others, and by the way these currencies will be future currencies, and this feature is available on the Opera browser for computers and smart phones alike, and you can activate it from the browser side menu button.

Free vpn service

Among the features that the Opera browser also provides is that it provides a free vpn connection service, to bypass the blocking and concealment of identity and encrypt the Internet connection so that the Internet service provider cannot know the activities you do on the Internet or the sites that you visited or monitored, and it becomes as if you are browsing the Internet from another country, and to whom He does not know what a vpn connection service is. He can search on Google to find out, and the Opera browser provides that service from within the browser as follows:

Click the side menu button on the browser, then choose Go to browser settings, then from the popup menu scroll down and choose Advanced.

Personal news feature

  The Opera browser allows you to follow the news that you prefer and you are interested in following it through your favorite sources on the Internet, by bringing them and placing them in one place, you just make a list of the sites from which you want to fetch the news content and specify the time period for that, and you can use that feature from the sidebar of the browser.

  Dark mode feature is a dark mode without additions

In addition to Opera’s attractive appearance, it provides the Dark mode feature without external additions, from within the browser, and in addition to all of these features, Opera Browser provides you with protection from malicious and harmful websites.

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