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The benefits and harms of eating eggs daily

The benefits and harms of eating eggs daily

Dr. Olga Korapliova, Russian Nutritionist, says that eggs are a natural calming food that reduces appetite. But to whom eggs are useful and to whom is harmful?

The benefits and harms of eating eggs daily

In an interview with the Russian Novosti news agency, the expert notes that eggs are useful because they contain 13% protein and 12% fat, calcium, phosphorous and a full set of vitamins. And the benefit of eggs has nothing to do with the color of the shell. Because the color of the eggshell is related to the breed of chickens, that is, the benefit of brown and white eggs is equal.

And she adds, egg yolks contain lecithin, which nourishes brain tissue, supplies it with phosphorous, and prevents cholesterol plaques from forming. It is found in 100 grams of egg yolk, 7.7 milligrams of lecithin, the main component of vitamin D, which is necessary especially in the winter season, when sunny days are less, because the body produces it upon contact with the skin with ultraviolet rays. Therefore, this deficiency must be compensated.

She points out that eating one or two eggs a day helps build muscle mass, and egg protein is easier to absorb than meat protein. Although 100 grams of eggs contain few calories (150-160 kilograms), they are very nutritious and reduce appetite, which allows eating less food than usual.

But how many eggs can we eat a day?

She added, a healthy person can eat 2-3 eggs a day and in theory can eat up to 10 eggs and more. But it is best to eat no more than 5-6 eggs, because other food items should be consumed besides eggs.

She says, "The body absorbs egg yolk in all its states - raw, boiled, fried, etc., but raw eggs can contain dangerous salmonella bacteria. Therefore it is preferable to eat them boiled, as in addition to that, the body absorbs them better."

She adds, eating eggs daily improves mood, as 100 grams of it contain 320 milligrams of the natural sedative choline. Also, 100 grams of boiled eggs contain 20% of the body's daily need for tryptophan, which produces the happiness hormone serotonin.

Who should avoid eating eggs?

Eggs can cause allergies, such as strawberries, nuts, and more. It is also not recommended for those with high blood cholesterol. As well as those suffering from pancreatitis or from liver problems, jaundice and acute gastritis.

Source: Novosti

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