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3 effective solutions to get rid of a sore throat

3 effective solutions to get rid of a sore throat

A bacterial or viral infection causes a sore throat, and it may also result from some infections. Sore throat is usually among the symptoms of the common cold, and the individual recovers from it after a day or two with rest and fluid intake.

3 effective solutions to get rid of a sore throat

But sometimes a sore throat lasts for a long time, which suggests that it is a result of a bacterial or viral infection such as streptococcus bacteria and single-cell bacteria. The site "wikihow" has provided some natural methods that help treat sore throats.

Make some gargle to relieve sore throats

Add a spoonful of salt to a cup of water.

Drink the solution and gargle it in the back of your throat, then spit it out.

Repeat this approximately every hour.

Rinse your mouth after each time so that you do not feel a bad taste.

Ease your pain with warm compresses

You can relieve your pain by drinking hot drinks, using lozenges and sprays, and you can also put warm compresses around your throat, after preparing them using warm water and a clean cloth or towel.

You may try adding a spoonful of lemon juice or vinegar to the solution to gargle, and avoid swallowing.

Use humidifiers or steam baths

The steam from humidifiers may help relieve a sore throat pain, but be careful not to humidify or overcool your room.

Make a steam bath using warm water and a towel.

Heat two or three cups of water to a boil.

You can add chamomile, ginger, or lemon tea to the water.

Leave the solution for 5 minutes.

Bring your face close to the water to take its temperature.

Pour water into a large bowl, then cover your head with a towel, and bring it close to the bowl and start inhaling the steam through your nose and mouth for 5 to 10 minutes.

Repeat this step as needed.

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