Wearing red has means you are a stylish and so your heart is healthy

Wearing red has means you are a stylish and so your heart is healthy

Wearing red, the color of life and love, can do more than help you stop traffic. It could help save lives.

As part of the American Heart Association's Go Red For Women movement, millions of women wear this cheerful color to celebrate their commitment to keeping their hearts healthy.

Wearing red has means you are a stylish and so your heart is healthy

The move has helped rekindle interest in making the color red even more fashionable. Wearing this vibrant color offers women the opportunity to stand out and make a statement.

"Color is an easy and affordable way to express yourself through what you wear," says style and beauty expert Andy Paige. "Red is an empowering color. Once you feel the boost this color brings to your spirit and see the attention it attracts, you can decide to make it a mainstay of your wardrobe all year long."

According to Paige, there are as many ways to wear red as there are good reasons to do so.

Go red from head to toe or accent an outfit with red accessories. Carry a fabulous red bag or wear red stilettos. Red isn't just for women either; Men can turn red by wearing a red shirt, tie, or socks.

Try these tips from Paige:

Choose the perfect red. 

If your coloring is warm, try a rich tomato or pomegranate. If it's cool, think cherry or scarlet.

Worried about looking worn out? 

Complete the neckline of a red blouse or sweater with a scarf in a softer shade or wear red away from your face, with a skirt, pants, or boots.

Give it a new twist. 

Wear red accessories, like the ones from ShopGoRed.com, in an unconventional way. Substitute two tiny red dress pins (the Go Red For Women symbol) for cufflinks on a French-cuffed shirt; Tie a scarf with a red dress logo around your wrist or wear it as a watch strap.

Don't forget your lips, 

tips and locks. Bright red lipstick and nail polish are classic ways to add a touch of glamor. Go one step further and color your hair red; Any shade from strawberry blonde to burgundy will do.

Be brave, get noticed and be heart healthy

Regardless of the shade or accessory you choose, wearing red can also be a fashion statement that says, "I'm defending my heart health."

Paige advises: "Incorporating red into your wardrobe serves as a visual reminder to love your heart and turn red in your own way."

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