Taking the plane is still the easiest and most convenient way to get to and within Italy. But is it the only way? Scanning your map will reveal the involvement of the ports of Italy and various land and sea routes.


Well, if you really like flights, flights within Italian cities are plentiful. Rome, Milan, Pisa, Naples, Turin, Bologna, and Venice serve as major centers. However, check the map again. Even if multiple cheap flights are offered, some of these flights take you nowhere closer to your actual destination. So save yourself all the trouble and consider other ways to travel in Italy.

Italy has a very extensive train system

Italy has a very extensive train system. The rail service is called Ferrovie dello Stato (FS). It operates many different types of trains, offering various ways to travel in Italy. But the fastest and the one that offers a more comfortable service is the Eurostar or the Pendolino. This expensive train service requires seat reservations unlike the less expensive type, the Intercity. Train travel can be much more expensive than air travel, however it is definitely a more attractive option. This train travel experience is very rewarding for those who are interested in seeing many landscapes. They probably won't go to all the places you'd like to go, but they cover multiple routes and buses are always available to take you to places where trains don't go. And if bus travel doesn't appeal to you, you can always head to the main city square, where a bus is always ready to take you places.


Driving is one of the many popular ways to travel in Italy and is for those with brave and adventurous spirits. Although as intrepid as you may be, it is best to reserve a vehicle before leaving for Italy, unless you appreciate the possibility of obtaining a car that cannot carry even half of your luggage. Make sure you've been informed about the insurance and return policy before leaving with the car. If you are so used to handling your mobile phone while driving, remember that Italy only allows you to use it if you have a speakerphone device, so texting is out of the question. Seat belts are considered functional and therefore mandatory. And, of course, being brave means preparing to drive on the right!

Driving too close can be part of the romantic qualities of Italians. Either that, or they think they have nine lives. So if you find a space in front of you, close it, unless you want someone else to suddenly fill it.

So look for other safer ways to travel in Italy. Backpacking is an alternative, however crude it may seem to some people. Or you can listen to the Brenda Russell song "Get Here" and get ideas from there. But is it safer to "climb a tree and swing rope to rope" than driving around town?

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