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Unpleasant side effects of the American Pfizer vaccine are known

Unpleasant side effects of the American Pfizer vaccine are known

After Australia conducted a trial of the Pfizer vaccine for the Corona virus, the tests indicated that the participants had a fever and migraine after receiving the vaccine.

Australian Prime Minister Scott Morrison has requested 10 million doses of the American vaccine to be distributed throughout the country as of next year, if it is approved, according to what was published by the British newspaper "Daily Mail".

Unpleasant side effects of the American Pfizer vaccine are known

What gave hopes for an end to the Corona crisis is Pfizer announcing its 90 per cent efficacy in late-stage clinical trials. However, "Stanley Wang" who lives in Los Angeles and is one of the participants in the experiment, reported the existence of unpleasant side effects such as fever and migraine, and another complained of a reaction similar to infection by the hangover.

He said: “It is interesting that they keep you there after your injection for 30 minutes to make sure you are okay and then they will send you home.” Wang added that he went for his first injection on August 31 and did not feel any pain from the tingling or symptoms of the Corona virus.

50% of the trial participants got a placebo, while the other half got the actual vaccine. My injection didn't hurt which led me to believe I was taking a placebo.

About his motive, Wang explained that he volunteered for the experiment because he wanted to somehow help during the epidemic, “I wanted to do something, so I looked for what I could do and found these experiences that people were signing up for to help with these efforts. So I signed up for "part of the second and third phase of the Pfizer experience, which will last for 26 months."

Wang explained that the vaccine is stored at a temperature of 70 degrees below zero, and it takes about 15 minutes for the medical personnel to dissolve the vaccine. He charges $ 120 per visit and is required to attend six or seven appointments, in addition to $ 5 per week by entering His symptoms in an application.

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