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To hide your "big belly" when wearing clothes .. follow these tricks

To hide your "big belly" when wearing clothes .. follow these tricks

One of the most annoying problems for every girl is the accumulation of fat in the abdominal area and the appearance of a "big belly". Which appears strikingly while wearing clothes. Especially for the skinny girl who does not suffer from excess weight except a prominent stomach.

To hide your "big belly" when wearing clothes .. follow these tricks

In a study conducted by the site "Power of Positivity", it was proved that the causes of the emergence of the abdomen despite the thinnest weight is due to going to sleep immediately after eating. Eating more fast food, as well as drinking large quantities of water and soft drinks while eating. As well as lack of interest in practicing some exercise, even if it is walking, or as a result of pregnancy and childbirth.

The study indicated some tricks that help every girl to hide sagging and belly fat. Including avoiding wearing tight clothes that stick directly to the abdomen and cause them to protrude. Taking care to wear dark clothes such as black, burgundy, and olive, they are attractive colors and can be coordinated with the colors of shoes, bags and accessories that highlight their beauty. According to Al-Dustour newspaper.

Although the waist belts add a feminine touch to your look. However, wearing a shirt or blouse and placing the belt around the stomach causes the abdomen to protrude. So you can replace the belts with attractive accessories such as chains and large necklaces that distract attention from the stomach area. In addition to the necessity to avoid wearing exaggerated striped or patterned clothes because it accentuates the belly and is not suitable for people with excess weight.

Focus on coordinating the colors in your clothes so that your body does not appear in a bad way, choose darker colors on the upper part of your body versus light colors for the lower part. With the need to avoid wearing fabrics that stick to the body, such as Lycra, and you can use the corset to slim your stomach easily.

Avoid wearing high heels and formal clothes, because this method significantly shows the abdomen. But it is possible to choose dresses and blouses designed with ruffles at the waist and bump.

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