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The most prominent rules for perfuming hair

The most prominent rules for perfuming hair

To perfume the hair and maintain an attractive, long-lasting hair scent, and to avoid chemical damage that may be present in some types of perfumes, we provide you with the rules for perfuming hair, and the most beautiful options for luxury hair perfumes, according to the “Madam” website.

The most prominent rules for perfuming hair

Beware of using chemicals, as they may cause great damage to your hair and contribute to making it weak and dry.

Do not be interested in the international brands that are sold in pharmacies, but read their content. Not all of them are harmful to hair, but pay attention to the materials they are made of.

Use white musk and oud, after finishing hair styling, you can put a few of these natural substances on your hands and rub them on your hair without approaching the roots of the hair.

Be aware that natural perfumes last a long time, and you should not mix them with other materials.

You can also use some fragrant plants, so you can pick the flowers and rub them with your hands on your hair.

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