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The correct way to clean the vacuum cleaner

The correct way to clean the vacuum cleaner

Cleaning is not enough to get a home free of germs and microbes. Cleaning tools is also an important step that some women may overlook. When using a vacuum cleaner, do not forget to clean it periodically, as this increases its performance, and makes it attract even the smallest dust and garbage on the floor of your home or from your furniture. Know in the following lines the steps for cleaning the vacuum cleaner according to the Super Mama website:

The correct way to clean the vacuum cleaner

The tools you will need to clean the vacuum cleaner:

A large garbage bag

Old scissors

Cut cotton

Alcohol, water


Cleaning the broom steps:

First you have to remove the bag from the inside of the broom, then put it in a large garbage bag, and start emptying it quietly so that the dust and dirt inside it are not scattered, and if you are an allergy sufferer, you can wear a mask to avoid this dust from entering your lungs, and also keep away from any air that causes it to splash Dirt.

Remove all parts of the vacuum cleaner from the inside, and you can photograph it before removing it with your mobile phone, so that you can easily install the parts back in their place.

Use the scissors to cut the hair and strings that are stuck in the place to suck out the garbage and dust, and pull them by your hand until the brush is clean.

Dampen a large cotton swab with alcohol and clean it with a broom brush, to disinfect it and ensure that it is cleaned of bacteria and germs that you pick up while cleaning various corners of the house.

Rinse and dry the broom bag. You can do this in the sink or washing machine, but be sure to put it back in the vacuum cleaner completely dry.

Find out the type of your vacuum cleaner, there are types of brooms that you can buy an additional filter for and change it when needed, and other types that you can wash its filter, and if its filter is washable, wash it, then make sure that it is completely dry before putting it in the vacuum.

Put a little alcohol on the rag and rub it over the body of the broom to clean the outside.

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