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The best tourist places in America, Romania, Zimbabwe, Zambia, Portugal, Spain, Mexico, Australia, Germany, China and France

The best tourist places in America, Romania, Zimbabwe, Zambia, Portugal, Spain, Mexico, Australia, Germany, China and France

 The most beautiful places in the world at all, because of its features and picturesque views inspired by the beauty and inspiration of nature or its historical and archaeological areas, and each place has its own character that distinguishes it and makes it unique.

The most beautiful places around the world 2021

There are many different places and regions around the world that are considered as prominent tourist places because they convey cultural and historical images, as well as because of their archaeological facilities and buildings and natural monuments that make tourists visit them from everywhere; Here is this internationally ranked list:

The best tourist places in America, Romania, Zimbabwe, Zambia, Portugal, Spain, Mexico, Australia, Germany, China and France

Tourism in Milwaukee, USA

The city of Milwaukee of the state of Wisconsin, USA, is one of the most important cities in it, as it includes many cultural museums, making it one of the prominent cities in the state.

In addition to its abundance of space and lanes that make it a popular destination for cycling, as well as its views of Lake Michigan, which gives it a very wonderful view.

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Tourism in Romania

One of the most beautiful European places, with its hills, forests and villages with an old rural character, which makes it the ideal destination for those looking for a quiet life under a good ecosystem.

Tourism in Victoria Falls between Zimbabwe and Zambia

It is a very wonderful group of waterfalls, it has been classified as the largest waterfalls in the world and it is due to its large area as well as its height represented by the fall of the water, which indicates the beauty and charm of nature.

Tourism in Lisbon, Portugal

The capital of Portugal stretches across the foothills of the mountains. Lisbon is characterized by its narrow streets and historical heritage buildings, as it represents the historical Portuguese waterfront, and there are several impressive medieval castles.

Tourism in Bilbao, Spain

It is one of the most beautiful places in Spain that won the Best European City award for the year 2018, and it has also become one of the most attractive countries for tourists to Spain thanks to its architectural designs and stunning architectural features.

Bilbao is known for its beautifully designed, elegant restaurants.

Guadalajara, Mexico

It is considered the second largest city in Mexico, and it has many advantages that make tourists accept it, as the wonderful architecture in a neighborhood called Chapultepec hipster, and behind its popularity is its hosting of various festivals.

Tourism in Vanuatu, Australia

One of the most beautiful Australian places, as it includes many islands, up to about eighty islands, which makes them the focus of attention of tourists, and they consider it a home for wildlife, islands and beaches on the ocean; Also, the large number of its islands made it a center for diversity and multilingualism.

Tourism in White Haven Beach, Australia

One of the distinctive Australian beaches because it contains white sand, and its appearance is very wonderful, as this beach extends along the land of an island called Whitson Day.

Tourism in Sunbury, Australia

Sunbury is located northwest of Melbourne, Australia, and is one of the places famous for its wildlife and wonderful Victorian architecture, as well as its fame behind it for hosting cricket.

Tourism in the Black Forest, Germany

One of the famous forests in Germany, characterized by its picturesque natural back and wonderful landmarks inspired by nature represented by the Triberg Falls; It was also classified as the most beautiful tourist attraction in Germany.

Tourism in Luxembourg

It is one of the most famous small European countries, and it has a very impressive historical position, which led to its selection as a World Heritage Site by UNESCO, thanks to its vineyards and charming forests as well as medieval castles, rocky gorge and ancient villages.

Tourism in Rio de Janeiro

One of the most beautiful and vibrant Brazilian cities, famous for its beautiful white sand beaches, colorful neighborhoods, lively football marathons, the legendary Rio de Janeiro Carnival, and many activities that give it a lively character, as well as charming landscapes.

Tourism in Amsterdam

The capital of the Netherlands is called the City of Canals and Bicycle because it is the most bike-friendly city in the world, famous for its traditional windmills as well as the vibrant tulip gardens.

It also includes some of the wonderful museums and heritage places such as (Van Gogh - Rijks - Rembrandt House) as well as the designs of commercial houses dating back to the seventeenth century to give them a special elegance.

Tourism in Neuschwanstein Castle

It is one of the oldest and most famous castles in Germany, dating back to the nineteenth century ... This castle is an important tourist attraction; Visitors from all over the world come to it, and it has been used in the creation of fairy tales known as Disneyland stories.

Tourism in Stockholm

Stockholm (the capital of Sweden) is a city with several islands and is considered a wonderful and cheerful city that celebrates fashion, innovation and culture, as well as a vibrant and vibrant city.

It is also full of historic bridges and cobbled streets, and the ancient city of Gamla Stan is a source of delight for tourists.

It includes many distinctive palaces and is located between the embrace of picturesque nature, represented by ancient forests, high mountains, gardens and the beautiful islands of the archipelago.

Tourism in Rainbow Mountains, China

The rainbow mountains are one of the most prominent landmarks in China, as they were formed as a result of several natural factors that made them look like this and their wonderful multiplicity of colors that reflects to us the image of minerals and stones as well as the spread sand.

Tourism in Banff National Park

One of the most beautiful international places in Alberta, Canada, as it is considered one of the important tourist sites overlooking Rocky Mountain because of its wonderful tourist attractions.

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