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The benefits and harms of sea water on hair

The benefits and harms of sea water on hair

Beautiful hair is a goal that every girl strives to achieve, which is why she makes her precious and trying different recipes. But did you know, madam, that the easiest way to care for hair and maintain its vitality is by swimming in sea water? This is due to the presence of ions in the water, and a number of dissolved gases in it, such as nitrogen, oxygen and carbon dioxide. It also contains a small amount of organic and inorganic materials dissolved in it. Like carbohydrates and amino acids dissolved in it, in addition to the presence of carbon.

The benefits and harms of sea water on hair

According to Madam Net, the benefits of sea water are not limited to the salts in it only, but the mud itself contains the benefits of sea water, and it is possible to exceed them due to the concentration of salts in it. You can also buy cosmetics that use sea mud, especially the Dead Sea, because of the high salt content in it.

Sea water nourishes the hair follicles, by replacing the elements that are missing from the scalp, and gives you hair without hair loss.

It treats scalp problems. The salts and plankton contained in it work to treat dandruff problems, treat psoriasis and other diseases that may affect the scalp, in addition to restoring vitality to the scalp, protecting it from diseases and fungi that cause such diseases.

It helps the process of straightening hair and turning it into soft locks, thanks to the salts and plankton in it.

Sea water reduces hair sensitivity to the chemicals contained in the shampoo. The salts contained in it contribute to reducing the sensitivity of the scalp to heat, and ridding the hair of oils. Therefore, it is useful for women with oily hair. It works to restore the balance of oils in the hair, and this benefit may be harmful to those with dry hair. As it leads to weak and damaged hair.

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