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Read : Barack Obama's diaries "The Promised Land," achieving fantastic profits so far

Read : Barack Obama's diaries "The Promised Land," achieving fantastic profits so far

The new memoirs of the former president, "The Promised Land," broke records for the book publisher, "Crown," as hundreds of thousands of people pre-ordered "The Promised Land" before its release date on Tuesday.

Read : Barack Obama's diaries "The Promised Land," achieving fantastic profits so far

The former President of the United States of America “Barack Obama” is on his way to becoming the bestseller of the year, and his wife Michelle Obama preceded him to this title, whose book “Becoming” topped the list in 2018.

Publishing house Penguin Random House said on Wednesday that pre-order sales, in addition to first-day sales, totaled 887,000 units in all formats and releases in the United States and Canada.

While the publisher said that this result represents "the largest total sales on the first day of any book ever published" by the company, according to what was published by "CNN" of America.

Penguin and the rest of the publishing industry anticipated this moment: Obama's Memoirs, the first of two expected volumes, were the talk of the book world, and for the United States and Canada, Crown printed 3.4 million copies of the hardback edition.

James Dawn, CEO of Barnes & Noble, told Publishers Weekly earlier in the year, “This will be a book with rare results, selling it like no other book has done since July 21, 2007” - when Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows was released. .

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