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Ocean Beach San Diego - All You Need to read about

Ocean Beach San Diego - All You Need to read about

Located in the Ocean Beach community, Ocean Beach is

actually just south of the entrance to the Mission

Channel of the bay. Located at 1950 Abbott Street, the beach

It is a very popular place in the summer. During the

winter months, couples like to walk on the beach and

just enjoy the presence.

Ocean Beach San Diego - All You Need to read about

Ocean Beach has a wide structure, about a mile

long. Along the northern end of the beach, you will find

a volleyball court. During the summer, the court is

always full of people playing volleyball while

the sand around her is full of people watching.

At the southern end of the beach you will find the ocean.

Municipal Beach Pier. The pier is open to the public

with many walks and fishing available. Located

on the dock there is a bait and tackle shop along with a

restaurant. Although you don't need a fishing license

For fishing off the pier, catch regulations are enforced.

If you walk to the southern end of the beach you will find

many restaurants, surf shops and many other commercials

shops and establishments. Although you can travel to

the northern end of Ocean Beach, mostly bordering

residents of the oceanic zone.

The unique part of Ocean Beach is Dog Beach, located

in the far north. This sandy area is where dogs can

Run and play without a leash, anytime, day or night.

Although dog owners are responsible for their dogs and

cleaning them, Dog Beach is really pretty

resourceful for anyone with dogs.

For your protection along the beach, there are lifeguards

each and every day, throughout the year. They are generally

on duty from 9 a.m. m. until dark, although you can check with

them for their specific hours of operation. Are

there for your protection and very willing to respond

any questions you may have.

Note that while on the beach, California beaches

Experience powerful rip currents. It is for these

currents that California beaches experience

1,000 rescues by first responders each year. Be in the

safe side while in San Diego at Ocean Beach, it's

It is always a good idea to swim near a life preserver.

For those who like surfing, surfing is allowed in

Ocean Beach in designated areas. Diving is not recommended

However, due to the lack of underwater life,

rip currents and surf.

For swimming or enjoying the California lifestyle, Ocean

The beach is a great place to go. It is very popular

place in the summer, attracting hundreds of thousands of

people. If you crave the taste of California

lifestyle, be sure to visit Ocean Beach in San


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