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Natural recipes for eyebrow hair growth in easy and simple steps

Natural recipes for eyebrow hair growth in easy and simple steps

Every woman dreams of having thick eyebrows, so that she shapes them however she wants, to show the beauty of her eyes, and this can be achieved through the use of some natural recipes such as milk, egg yolks and other ingredients, which depend on some of the steps that we recognize in this report, according to what he mentioned. The "food.ndtv" site.

Natural recipes for eyebrow hair growth in easy and simple steps

Natural recipes for eyebrow hair growth

Milk to thicken eyebrows


Milk contains many health benefits for the skin, and it also helps stimulate hair growth, such as eyebrow hair, so it is recommended to soak a cotton ball in milk while gently massaging the eyebrows and waiting for 15 minutes, then washing them with water.

Lemon to intensify eyebrow hair


Lemons contain a high percentage of vitamin B, vitamin C, folic acid and other nutrients, which help the growth of eyebrow hair, but this recipe is cautioned to use with sensitive skin, and to apply it with other skin types, a piece of lemon must be rubbed on the eyebrows, and wait for 20 minutes Then wash the eyebrows with warm water, or put lemon peels in half a cup of pure coconut oil, and wait for at least 15 days, then apply the mixture on the eyebrows by dipping a cotton swab in the mixture and massaging the eyebrows and then washing them the next morning, while avoiding exposure Eyebrows to the sun two hours after applying the recipe for a positive result.

Aloe vera gel to thicken eyebrows


Aloe vera gel helps hair grow and nourish it, so it is recommended to massage the eyebrows with the gel and wait for the hair to absorb the gel, then wash the eyebrows with water and repeat the recipe regularly, to reach the desired result.

Fenugreek seeds to thicken eyebrows


The fenugreek helps make the hair look healthier and shiny, especially the hair of the eyebrows, and therefore it is advised to soak the fenugreek seeds in water overnight, then grind them until they turn into a soft paste, then put the paste on the eyebrows, wait 30-45 minutes, then rinse the eyebrows with warm water.

Egg yolk to intensify eyebrow hair

Egg yolk helps hair grow at a faster rate, so it is recommended to try the recipe twice a week, by separating the egg yolk from the white, then dipping a cotton stick or brush in the yolk and placing it on the eyebrows, and waiting for 20 minutes, then washing the eyebrows with warm water, with Note that the egg yolk, may cause clogging of pores and lead to acne, so it is recommended to use the recipe in moderation.

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