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"NASA" solves the mystery of the glow of one of the moons of Jupiter

"NASA" solves the mystery of the glow of one of the moons of Jupiter

The space agency "NASA" announced that it had finally discovered the secret behind the glow of "Europa", one of the moons of Jupiter, as well as the mystery of its color change, according to "Sputnik".

According to a recent study in the scientific journal "Nature", "NASA" discovered that the "Europa" moon shines in the dark as well as during the day, and changes its colors, and this is the result of the radiation emanating from Jupiter towards its shores.

The scientists added in their research that the salty compounds on the surface of the moon "Europa" interact with the radiation of Jupiter, which results in a change of color to white, blue or green.

In order to make this discovery, NASA's Jet Propulsion Laboratory used a "spectrometer", an instrument that analyzes components of light and measures its reflections on the surface of the ice Jupiter moon.

"This nocturnal glacier could provide additional information on the formation of the surface of the moon" Europa ", and it could give us clues about whether the moon is habitable on its surface, said Murthy Godebatti of the Jet Propulsion Laboratory.

The surface of the moon "Europa" is composed of a mixture of ice and common salts, including magnesium sulfate (Epsom salt) and sodium chloride (table salt), but scientists did not expect that the icy structures will change the way of the glow, so that each type of ice has a different spectrum.


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