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make one million in 5 years with Google AdSense earnings

 $ 1 million in Google AdSense earnings

Jason Calacanis

They're calling him the million dollar man. Jason Calacanis recently revealed on his blog that he is on his way to making a million dollars with AdSense over the next year.

make one million in 5 years with Google AdSense earnings

And if that number doesn't wake you up and you have you sitting on the edge of his seat, consider for a moment that he reached this level in less than a year. His company didn't start using AdSense until September 2019 .

Calacanis runs Weblogs Inc., a network dedicated to creating business weblogs in niche industries. And he has quickly proven that AdSense is a reliable advertising partner.

As his network has grown, so has his AdSense income. In January 2019 they earned an average of $ 580 per day. In March it was $ 737. In May it was $ 1,585. One day in July, just before I made the aforementioned blog post, they made $ 2,335. Remember that it is only for one day. If they can bring that daily average to $ 2,740, they will earn a rate of $ 1 million for one year. And Calacanis predicts that reaching daily earnings of $ 3,000 or even $ 5,000 is quite feasible.

That is quite an achievement. Note that Calacanis has 103 bloggers on the payroll and nine employees. Still, many webmasters would give an arm or a leg to have even a third of that.

Google AdSense has been revolutionary. It has firmly established itself as the darling of the online advertising industry. Although rumors are being heard that major competitors are launching a similar service, the main position of AdSense seems secure for now.

In essence, AdSense has made it possible for almost anyone with a website or blog to earn income from advertising, without having to employ sales people or spend precious time searching for advertisers.


AdSense works like this. Webmasters sign up for an account in just a few minutes. They receive a small code snippet to include on their web pages. Google will then automatically serve ads that are relevant to the content of the webmaster's pages. When someone visits the webmaster's site and clicks on one of Google's AdSense ads, the webmaster earns a fee. Advertisers can pay between five cents and one hundred dollars per click, and the webmaster receives a percentage of that fee.


Many webmasters are content to make five to ten dollars with AdSense to cover the cost of web hosting. But many, unsurprisingly, have higher ambitions. In a popular WebmasterWorld forum, participants share tips and encouragement to reach the $ 300 per day AdSense goal. So it's no wonder Calacanis created quite a stir when he made his million dollar blog post.

Google has once again proven that it excels at designing innovative Internet services. If you're in the web industry and haven't used AdSense yet, maybe you should give it a try. Or if you're already using it, perhaps Calacanis' impressive results will encourage you to more closely monitor the performance of your AdSense units, adjust your positions and formats, and take your income to a new level.

Calacanis' million dollar blog post can be viewed at: 


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