Las Vegas Hilton Live the Magic Life

 Las Vegas Hilton Live the Magic Life

The Las Vegas Hilton is one of the most luxurious offerings on the Las Vegas Strip. This hotel has a lot to offer its guests in the form of luxury and amenities, including several packages that are incredibly generous compared to most other hotels along the Strip. If you don't see a package that appeals to you, be sure to call and see if you can negotiate a more suitable package.

In addition to world-class accommodations and a fully functional casino, the Las Vegas Hilton also has some of the best entertainment along the Strip. Current acts include artists such as Barry Manilow and Menopause the Musical. Upcoming acts include big names like Johnny Mathis and the Asian Fusion concert series.

However, perhaps the most famous attraction at the Las Vegas Hilton is the Star Trek experience. 

The experience is completely out of this world and will have you soaring through space in a completely immersive experience that even those who weren't serious fans of the show can appreciate. This is unlike anything you have experienced before or are likely to enjoy again. There is also a museum that houses many items from TV series and movies. This is a great addition to your vacation experience, even at the fairly steep price tag ($ 34.99 for adults and $ 31.99 for children as of this writing and subject to change). If you are going to splurge on something during your stay at the Las Vegas Hilton, I highly recommend that it be that one thing. There is also the Nemesis package, which will allow a reduced rate when purchasing Star Trek Experience tickets along with a two-night hotel stay.

Note that if you are really coming to Las Vegas to play and not to Trek through the galaxy, the casino offers tournaments quite regularly and you really should check to make sure there isn't a tournament that interests you during your stay. or around the times you are considering your stay.

It's pretty safe to say that while there are plenty of fun things to do in Las Vegas, these hotels and casinos would really appreciate your business on the casino seats rather than watching the shows, riding the attractions, and playing the games.

Las Vegas Hilton also has a full-service spa and offers some attractive spa packages to its guests. 

You'd be doing your body a favor by looking at the many packages that are available and combining them to get the most value for your spa dollar along with your spa visit. You may also consider trying to include a spa compensation in your package when booking your room. You will never know unless you ask.

There is all kinds of shopping at the Las Vegas Hilton and you should be able to find good gifts for others as well as some good gifts for yourself. 

If you can't find what you're looking for here, you're close enough to other shopping opportunities, if you wander away from the spa, it's not a serious problem to go out and find those perfect gifts, trinkets, and tokens. of his good time while visiting Las Vegas. Of course, you simply have to visit the Barry Manilow store while you're here and have fun playing with all the nifty toys inside. Plus, you never know when you'll find the perfect gift for friends and family, and this store may be the ideal place to look.

If you are looking for a completely luxurious experience for your stay in Las Vegas, there are few places that better suit your needs than the Las Vegas Hilton. The good news is that you can arrange for your luxury treatment to be obtained at a fraction of the price it would cost elsewhere by paying attention to the special offers available and booking accordingly.

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