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How to Earn Cash Money from Your Traffic Visitors in your Website

How to Earn Cash Money from Your Traffic Visitors in your Website

If you have a website, you can benefit from even the fewest number of visitors you get, just by not wasting that traffic.

The KEY is to take advantage of each visitor and make sure you have a monetization strategy in place. Once you get this, you can make any website profitable with a little effort.

How to Earn Cash Money from Your Traffic Visitors in your Website

Here are 7 basic ways you can benefit from your traffic today:

1. Sell a product / service

You can first sell a product or service to your visitors. This is the best way to profit from your own product. Usually an ebook or software works best - they can be downloaded right away with no hassle or shipping charges.

2. Participation list

It is crucial that you try to convert every visitor of yours into a subscriber to your mailing list. The most important asset that an internet marketer has is his subscriber list. They define whether you will go far in the online business venture.

With a voluntary subscription list, there are many ways you can benefit even more in the future. You can create repeat customers and turn your list members into partners for your products. To see an example of a good signup page, visit http://www.InstantMarketingSecrets.com

3. Viral marketing

You can provide a free product or a bonus on your site for your visitors to download. Usually it will be an e-book where people can read and get useful information. In this voucher, include gift rights and urge readers to give them to whomever they want. This way, you increase your own traffic, advertising and brand without spending a penny.

4. 'Pay per click'

In this case, you get paid when your visitors click on the ads you place on your site. There are many advertising programs that give you a percentage of earnings based on clicks, including Google Adsense, Chitika, Yahoo Publisher Network, and Kontera.

When people click on the ads shown in any of these adware, you will earn money. And if your site receives good traffic, these programs alone can generate huge income.

5. Offer an ad space

Niche specific high traffic websites can 'rent' a portion of the space on their website to advertisers. For example, you can charge $ 300 per month in advertising fee if your website receives more than 2000 visitors per day. I use this strategy on my Online Marketing Secrets blog at http://www.EwenChia.com

Apart from that, you can also generate ad revenue by using exit pop-ups. By doing this, you won't saturate your website with too many ads and ruin the visitor experience.

6. Affiliate Marketing

If you don't already have your own products for sale, you can sell other people's products and receive a commission for each sale. With affiliate marketing, you have an unlimited source of products to sell, and you don't need to go through compliance issues after your sales.

One of the best affiliate marketing training resources can be found at http://www.SecretAffiliateWeapon.com, where I provide continuing education on affiliate marketing to members.

7. Pay per lead

Instead of making money with a click, you get paid if your visitors subscribe to other people's mailing list. Alternatively, there are many large companies like Coca-Cola that need surveys to be conducted, and by recommending your visitors to complete surveys, you can make good profits from your website as well.

Copyright : Ewen Chia

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