How To Choose the perfect pair of boots - Be Stylish

 How To Choose the perfect pair of boots - Be Stylish

As a woman, I always have the desire to be noticed by others. To achieve this goal, I can spend hours in front of the mirror to look good. And this means making sure everything from top to bottom, including my shoes, is perfect. I have an idea what footwear to wear based on my outfit, even if I say so myself. For example, if it's winter, I'd wear a pair of knee-high leather boots that keep my legs covered and complement my coat, being able to walk on snow long distances easily without my feet hurting or blistered. So where am I going with this? I'm just trying to help you find the perfect pair of boots just like me.

It's winter again!

A staple in most women's fall and winter shoe wardrobes, boots are very much "in" this year. Winter boots are typically made with leather on the outside and a soft, luxurious sheepskin lining to ensure your feet stay warm even in extreme cold conditions. If you consider yourself a style diva, winter boots are your ultimate expression of style in terms of comfort, warmth and elegance. Of course, you must be ready to pay for it all!

Boots are really on trend and there is a wide variety from flat heels to stilettos, wedges and platforms, boots are everything in between. You do not believe me? Just head to the "downtown" areas of any well-populated American city, or go to the nearest mall, to find almost every other woman flaunting her boots in colors as varied as black, brown, silver, golden and many others.

The warmest boots of the cold winter

Now the winner of the season! Yes, the hottest boots this season are flat and riding boots. And if you already have a pair of high-heeled boots, don't worry! Pick up a pair of flat boots and you'll have twice the joy and options to mix things up and make your own fashion statement!

An easy way to pay for and buy boots is to order them online. The range is the latest in styles, colors, materials and the experience is fun and enticing. But, you may want to visit a store and try on the boots you like before you buy them. What's the use of spending all that money on a pair of shoes that doesn't fit? Sigh!

Finding boots that fit perfectly, while giving you enough room for your toes, can be a bit difficult due to the different calf and ankle sizes in women. Boots that are too tight on the calves are very uncomfortable, while those that are loose look terribly sloppy. If you are interested in buying boots online, visit an online seller. Also check if the online store offers you free shipping and free returns in case you need to return your boots for a better pair. You can also check whether both online and in shopping malls offer you custom fittings, measuring them based on your individual shoe size.


Now that you know how to find that perfect pair of boots, it's time to pick one or all of the boot styles that are making the rounds this winter.

The black is in

Black patent leather boots are very fashionable. For all the daring ladies, a pair of knee high boots is just what gets the boys drooling! Accessorize the boots with a pair of fishnet stockings.

Point your toes in the right direction

If you like to play the role of PYT or 'Pretty Young Thing,' then a modest pair of ivory knee-high boots is perfect! Pointy fingers are in and out of fashion. Dazzle in a feminine outfit for a dramatic effect!

Metallic Magic

Ankle boots in striking metallic tones are back in fashion. If you are daring and love to wear your attitude on your feet, then these are what you need. Enjoy all the looks on your feet!

Complementing skinny jeans

A stylish pair of boots with faux fur fringes or metallic details is a great way to complement a pair of skinny jeans. Tuck your jeans into your boots and finish off the rock star look with a funky blouse and denim jacket if it suits you!

Turn up the heat!

If you want to show off your best Diva style, then slip on a pair of thigh-high boots and slip into a mini dress. Watch the temperature rise ...


Lace up boots are cute and sexy in a wonderful way. Try a pair of tan colored knee high boots with block heels and an alluring style.

Casual Chic

MOST POPULAR SEASONAL CHOICE - Black patent leather flat heel boots are sleek and stylish. Ideal for a night out!

The perfect couple

If you prefer to have only one pair of boots and want them to go with just about anything, then invest in a pair of tan suede boots with stilettos. A classic style, it never goes out of style and always makes a bold statement!

So all I would like to say is that boots, of any kind, are just amazing! And the best part is that you can dress them up or dress them according to your outfit and occasion.

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