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Here is the fox eye makeup for the bride

Here is the fox eye makeup for the bride

The fox eye makeup trend has become very popular with brides recently, as it makes their looks attractive and trendy.

First: the tools used to apply fox eye makeup to the bride

- The foundation or foundation suitable for your complexion.

Brown eyeshadow shades.

- Nude shades of eyes.

Black liquid eyeliner.

Concealer around the eyes.

Powder or eyebrow liner.

- black mascara.

- Blush orange or soft pink.

- Lipstick.

Second: How to apply the bride's fox eye makeup trend

Clean your skin well with the appropriate cleanser, then make sure to dry it. Put a few drops of toner on a cotton ball, and pass it on your skin until its pores are completely closed before applying makeup.

Here is the fox eye makeup for the bride

Apply the appropriate primer to your skin type, and distribute it well on the face and neck, to ensure that the makeup will last for the longest period during the wedding, and apply the appropriate foundation cream for your skin color, but it is preferable to have a slightly darker tone than the skin color, and apply concealer to the dark circles around the area. The eye, and dark spots as well.

Then apply eyeshadow in shades of brown or light beige to the area of ​​the moving eyelid and the fold of the eyelid, then combine it with eye shadow in nude or dark shades, such as black, gray or brown, which are the colors that are placed on the inner corners of the eye and at the break of the eyelid, The shape of a triangle head has its base at the break of the eyelid.

Use eyeliner to draw your eyes from the top in a wide line at the inner corner of the eye, which is the line that gradually increases in thickness, then continue to extend it until it reaches the outside of the eye, then another line is drawn from it to draw the bottom of the eye from the inside, which is the line that extends to connect again with the line The upper is drawn at the inner corner of the eye.

Draw your eyebrows with eyebrow pencil or powder, apply dark black mascara to thicken your eyelashes, and use orange or peachy blush if you have white skin, and choose slightly darker shades if your skin is wine or brown.

Define the lips, then choose the lipstick in your favorite color, and you can use the nude shades that are one of the most popular colors in makeup among brides.

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