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Get thick eyebrows within a week

Get thick eyebrows within a week

Most women want to have thick eyebrows, which drives them to adopt different drawing techniques, but you can get a beautiful and permanent result through the use of natural oils and recipes.

To get thick, full, and natural-looking eyebrows, get to know the strange recipes from the kitchen preparations reported by Madam Net:

Get thick eyebrows within a week

Eggs to get thick eyebrows within a week:

The yolk strengthens the hair follicles, whether on the head or eyebrows, whisk the egg yolk and put it on your eyebrows, leave it for 20 minutes, then wash it with cold water.

Aloe vera for thick eyebrows in a week:

Slowly grind a few aloe vera leaves to extract its juice, then rub your eyebrows with it, leave it on for as long as possible, aloe vera has the ability to heal and grow the skin if the eyebrows are light due to sensitivity in it

Onion juice for thick eyebrows in a week:

Onion juice helps stimulate the growth of hair in the eyebrows or other things. Use a piece of cotton infused with onion juice and rub the skin under the eyebrows gently. This method gives a more beautiful look to lighter eyebrows.

Garlic to get thick eyebrows in a week:

Take a clove of garlic, sprinkle it with a spoonful of olive oil, and rub it on your eyebrows from once to twice a day for a week.

Ajwa dates to get thick eyebrows within a week:

Take four or five grains and burn them on a fire until they turn black, and then grind and mix with a little castor oil and keep them in a small box, lubricate the eyebrows with this mixture daily with the possibility of refining them more than once a day.

You can also burn the date kernel until it turns black, and then grind it and mix it with a little rose water, and use it as you did in the mixture of dates and castor.

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