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Beware ... this sport may worsen brain function

A new British study conducted at the University of Liverpool showed. Heading a soccer ball 20 times can negatively affect brain function.

During the study, the researchers analyzed a range of cognitive functions such as memory and many of the mental capacities of soccer players. Before and after they butted the ball 20 times.

The researchers found, that working memory, which allows the brain to retain new information for a brief period while needed in the short term. Decreased by 20%. It also showed the majority of the participants headbotting the ball. Possible signs of a concussion.

Calls increased to discuss the relationship between dementia and football after the death of 1966 World Cup champion Nobby Styles last month, who was suffering from advanced dementia. His England team-mate Sir Bobby Charlton was also recently diagnosed with the condition linked to persistent decline in brain function.

Sir Geoff Hearst, a fellow England player, said. A total ban on children in football in the UK would be a "reasonable suggestion".

For his part, Jake Ashton, a researcher at the University of Liverpool, said that the findings of the study are surprising and disturbing. Especially after noticing a significant decrease in verbal and spatial working memory.

While more research is needed. Measures to limit the use of the head in handling the ball may also be needed during soccer training sessions. For all age groups.

It is reported that children under the age of 12 are already banned from using header balls in training in England, Scotland and Northern Ireland. Those under 18 can only use their head to head the ball for a limited number of times during training. According to the British newspaper Daily Mail reported.


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