All you need to know about tourism in Egypt .. Cities, museums and restaurants (Tourism in Egypt)

All you need to know about tourism in Egypt .. Cities, museums and restaurants (Tourism in Egypt)

The most beautiful thing in Egypt is about this expression using words, because Egypt is full of beauty in all its small and large details, so we find tourists come from all over the country to enjoy its unparalleled beauty and splendor. The best of what is in beloved Egypt.

Cairo city - tourism in Egypt

The city of Cairo is about 1000 years old and is the capital of Egypt, and it is one of the most famous cities in it. The city of Cairo contains huge buildings, wonderful residential areas, banks, hospitals, schools and bridges designed in the latest style.

Cairo city - tourism in Egypt
Cairo - Egypt

It is characterized by containing agricultural lands, desert lands, and huge industrial areas, and the city of Cairo includes famous historical places such as:

Khan Al Khalili Bazaar.

Salah al-den al-ayobi's castle.

Amr ibn al-Aas mosque.

The Three Pyramids of Giza.

Egyptian Museum.

Pharaonic Village.

Alexandria city tourism in Egypt

The city of Alexandria in the past was the capital of Egypt and overlooks the Mediterranean Sea, hence the name of the Mediterranean Mermaid, and one of the most distinctive things in Alexandria is its warm climate in the winter and mild in the summer.

Cairo city - tourism in Egypt
Alexandria - Egypt

Alexandria has some great historical places such as:

Serapis temple, which is part of the famous Library of Alexandria.

Bey Citadel.

Kom Dikka historical area.

Montazah Palace.

Roman pole mast.

Lighthouse of Alexandria.

Alexandria National Museum.

Abu Abbas Al-Morsi Mosque.

St. Mark's Cathedral.

Luxor city tourism in Egypt

Luxor is located south of Cairo, as it is considered one of the most important tourist cities in Egypt, because it contains one sixth of the historical monuments in the world, and a third of the antiquities in Egypt, and the most prominent of which are:

Luxor city - tourism in Egypt
Luxor - Egypt

Temples of Karnak.

Luxor temple.

Deir el-Bahari temple.

Ramesseum Temple.

Valley of the Kings.

Luxor Museum.

Tombs of the Nobles.

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Sharm el sheikh city tourism in Egypt

The city of Sharm el-Sheikh is one of the most amazing tourist cities that tourists from all over the world can come to, as God Almighty has blessed it with a wonderful, charming nature.

There are famous tourist places in it and beaches that contain marine life and coral reefs, which encourages tourists to do various tourism activities in them.

Sharm el sheikh city - tourism in Egypt
Sharm - Egypt

Hurghada city tourism in Egypt

Hurghada contains hotels and resorts at the highest level to suit tourists and provide them with all means of entertainment and comfort.

It provides hotel services to the fullest, and Hurghada has many and many tourist places, including Sahl Hasheesh, which is famous for being one of the most beautiful tourist places in Hurghada.

Hurghada city - tourism in Egypt
Hurghada - Egypt

There is the Sand Museum in Hurghada, which is one of the most important tourist places there, as it was considered one of the first museums established in the Middle East of this kind.

It is also the first museum of its kind in the whole world, and this museum contains statues that were carved with yellow and white sand in an elaborate and professional manner.

Aswan city tourism in Egypt

The city of Aswan has landscapes that are very different from those in all other cities, as it has a special and distinctive character, which all tourists talk about and are interested in taking pictures of all its attractions.

Aswan city - tourism in Egypt
Aswan - Egypt

Aswan has wonderful tourist and historical areas such as Elephantine Island, which is the most beautiful island of Aswan, which is full of trees and palms, the famous Philae Temple, the missing obelisk made of pink granite and others.

Tourist places that you must visit in Egypt

As we mentioned before that the most beautiful thing in Egypt is the wonderful tourist places, but there are many rare and unknown places for many people, despite having enormous attractive ingredients, and these places we mention including:

Umm Kulthum Museum, the famous singer who won the title Planet of the East.

Al-Suhaimi House located in Al-Jamalia neighborhood.

Baron's Palace in Heliopolis in Cairo.

The home of Abdel Halim Hafez, the famous singer who received the title of the Asmar Nightingale.

Al-Hakim Mosque, by God’s command, in Al-Muizz Li Din Allah Al-Fatimid Street.

The Cave Church located in Mount Muqattam.

Sakakini Palace in Al-Zahir region.

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The beauty of tourism in Egypt

The best thing about Egypt is that it receives a huge number of tourists every day, and the process of tourism in Egypt is not only limited to the spread of Egypt’s reputation for having great tourist effects, but it is very important for Egypt's renaissance and economic progress, and the importance of tourism is:

Tourism is an important source of economic income, as a very large part of Egypt's economy is continuously developing depending on the percentage of income that comes through tourism, which helped greatly in raising the state of the Egyptian economy in general.

Tourism is a form of marketing for Egyptian products all over the world, as tourists buy these products from different places inside Egypt, which encourages many tourists to enter Egypt and buy its distinctive products.

Tourism helps in eliminating unemployment in general, as the state needs a lot of qualified people to work in order to serve tourists, such as translators, driver guides, and workers serving tourists in hotels and others.

Tourism is an opportunity to exchange foreign currencies within Egypt.

Thus, we find that the most beautiful thing in Egypt is the numerous tourist places and historical monuments that cannot be counted, and these areas are not intended for tourists only, but are available to Egyptians and foreigners together to enjoy its beauty and see the greatness of the Creator in its creativity without human intervention.


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