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All you need to know about Scarlett Johansson .. the sexiest woman

All you need to know about Scarlett Johansson .. the sexiest woman

Today coincides with the birthday of Hollywood star Scarlett Johansson, where she was born today on the 22nd of November 1984, and in a short period of time she managed to achieve great success, after engraving her name in golden letters as one of the most beautiful women in Hollywood in addition to her great talent that was classified because of it As the best representatives of her generation, and in the next report coinciding with her birthday, we review 7 information about the famous star.

Scarlett Johansson

1- Esquire magazine called her the sexiest woman alive.

2- She was ranked 12th in the list of the 100 most attractive women of all time in the international American magazine "Men's Health."

3- She was born in New York and educated at the Professional Children School in Manhattan. Her father is an architect and her mother is a film producer, Melanie Sloan.

4- In 1994 she made her debut in the movie North when she was only nine years old. After that she landed roles in the films Just Cause, If Lucy Fell, and Manny & Lo ..

5- The best years in which she proved her great talent and announced the emergence of a major star was in 2006, thanks to a group of important films such as the title role in the Oscar-nominated crime drama The Black Dahlia. In the same year, she participated in the films The Prestige and Scoop.

6- She married twice and is preparing for her third at the moment, and the most prominent of her previous marriages to actor Ryan Reynolds that lasted for a year only.

7- Her fortune in 2017 was estimated at $ 100 million.

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