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Abdeen Palace hosts Umm Kulthum concert with hologram technology

Abdeen Palace hosts Umm Kulthum concert with hologram technology

Abdin Palace in Cairo will host a concert of the planet of the East, "Umm Kulthum," using hologram technology, to sing alongside the orchestra, on Friday over the course of three days.

Abdeen Palace hosts Umm Kulthum concert with hologram technology
Umm Kulthum

The concert is one of a series of concerts presented with hologram technology for Ms. Umm Kulthum in a number of Arab countries, including the UAE, Egypt, Kuwait, Jordan, Lebanon and Iraq. The "hologram" technology includes the appearance of Umm Kulthum on the stage in a multi-dimensional manner that gives a natural picture of her using the means of technology Modern, to give the viewer a visual and audible feeling of the presence of the planet of the East on the stage.

Although this is the first party hosted by Abdeen Palace to hold a concert with hologram technology, the historical palace hosted a number of famous concerts by Abdel Halim Hafez and Umm Kulthum, who had many memories in Abdeen Palace; Where she began singing for the first time at the birthday party of King Farouk when he was a child when his father Fouad the First was king of the country, and on his birthday, corresponding to February 11, 1937, Umm Kulthum presented 14 pieces, all bearing the name of King Farouk, until they called them «Faroukiat» To be the favorite singer of the royal family, who considered her the first court singer.

In September 1944, King Farouk I granted Umm Kulthum the perfection of the third degree, according to which her title becomes "the woman of infallibility," and thus she has the privileges of the princesses of the royal family and the wives of prime ministers, and it was a precedent that was not repeated in the royal era with women from the common peasant class To which Umm Kulthum belongs, the eastern planet, so Umm Kulthum and a group of musicians, in her capacity as their captain, went to Abdeen Palace to record her thanks and the union for the royal gesture.

In 1945, Umm Kulthum sang the song "Zahr al-Rabi '" and "Ghanili Shwe" in Abdeen Palace on the occasion of the celebrations of the establishment of the Arab League.

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