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A study reveals the relationship between infection with corona and electronic cigarettes

A study reveals the relationship between infection with corona and electronic cigarettes

A new American study shows that the damage caused by electronic cigarettes to the lungs of smokers makes them more susceptible to infection with the Coronavirus.

A team of doctors at the Stanford University School of Medicine in America found that adolescents and young adults who regularly smoke e-cigarettes, develop Corona virus at a greater rate and worse symptoms compared to non-smokers in the same age group. According to Nationalinterest ”.

The study showed that among those infected with the emerging coronavirus, young people who smoked e-cigarettes were more likely to contract the disease, at a rate of "five times more than others."

The study revealed that it is not necessarily that the risk of infection is higher for those who smoke e-cigarettes, but it was found that someone who was infected with the Corona virus and was also a smoker of electronic cigarettes, the risk of developing symptoms of the disease, such as coughing, fever, fatigue and difficulty breathing, increased at a rate five times higher than non-smokers.

The study found that those who smoked electronic and regular cigarettes in the month prior to taking the Corona test, had a 6.8 percent higher risk of developing the disease than others. Study author Shivani Matur Gayha says: "Teens and young adults should understand that smoking e-cigarettes greatly increases the risk of infection with the Coronavirus, due to the damage that these cigarettes cause to the lungs."

Mathur also warned Guyha about the arrogance of young people and their sense of safety due to their young age, and indicated that smoking electronic cigarettes not only slightly raises the risk of infection with the Corona virus, but the degree of risk is very great.

The study was based on data of 4,351 participants between the ages of 13 and 24 years from all over the United States of America, including smokers and non-smokers. source

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