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A study reveals 4 healthy habits that the elderly follow

A study reveals 4 healthy habits that the elderly follow

A recent study revealed the reasons for the increase in the age of some people, especially those who are 100 years old or more and are in good health, according to the agency "Sputnik".

The study stated that centenarians living in Italy follow healthy eating habits that prolong life, and at the same time protect against chronic diseases such as obesity or overweight.

The following are healthy habits that extend life and help in losing weight gained:

Sit down when eating

It helps in chewing food better and eating slowly, which contributes to improving the digestion of food and preventing digestive diseases such as indigestion and bloating, and at the same time eating fewer calories.

Turn off the phone

Researchers revealed that eating food and the phone works, makes a person distracted and thus may eat more foods without noticing.

It turns out that people do not eat well when there is a phone, and thus hunger more than once, which leads in both cases to weight gain.


Researchers have confirmed that people who eat their meals on portion size dishes lose weight the most.

It turns out that people who did not eat those meals or ate them quickly or in paper plates gain weight, because the mind in this case does not take this meal seriously, and it sends signals to the stomach after stopping eating it shortly, which reduces the feeling of hunger.

Stop when satiety

Experts have revealed that stopping eating when feeling full, helps maintain weight, and it is best to stop eating when a person feels 80% full.

While experts explained that a full stomach exposes a person to satiety and stomach upset, which reduces the years of his life.


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