Training your cat during the holidays

 Training your cat during the holidays

With all the holidays coming up soon, there is still time to train your cat for the holidays. You'll want to seek tips on how to save the tree and table for the holidays,

with your cat around.

One thing you can start with is gifting the cat some items that she can play with that represent the holidays. Cats like flashing lights and bright things. You may want to stay away from your decorations so there is no problem.

Once you get some supplies for the cat, start playing with them so that they become more interested in the toys you gave them than the ones you are placing. When placing yours, make sure the cat has him around to play with. This will be good, since if the cat tries to play with the decorations, you can say no in a stern voice and show him what he can play with.

You and the family should be teasing the cat with decorations. This will only make them think it is fun and games, and then the training will be over. A good idea is to use the clicker trainer, this way if you see them playing with the elements you can click and they should stop. This would also be a good time to search for Christmas gifts and treats for the cat. Make sure to remember your cat on the holidays, as he is your friend and also likes gifts.

A nice blanket, a special pillow, even a catnip plant would be just some of the things to mention for now. A new training treat would be another great idea when looking for the perfect gift for your cat. A scathing new post or one that may be added to the other that they may have to make it better and bigger. A new leash or harness would be another great item, or something they might not have. You can search the internet at different pet sites for new and different items to get ideas for your pet. Be sure to wrap the item to put under the tree for Christmas, as the cat will have fun with the paper and the new gift.

With the tree, if you get a real tree, make sure there is a lot of water at the base, and you want to cover it up as best you can so the cat doesn't think he can drink that.

Make sure the presents are not the ones you want to open so that in case the cat decides it's time to play, they will open them. Decorations should not be at the bottom of the tree. This will only tempt your cat to play with the decorations.

On the mantelpiece, you'll want to make sure the items are in place so that if your cat is a climber, she won't be able to get a sock to get up on the mantel or other items that might be hanging from the mantel from the fireplace. Cats love to jump and climb with this, it would be fun for your cat.

Cats don't like claws and paws to get caught in loose fabric. Getting some fishnet and wearing some of the decorations that may be tempting the cat might help. Make nice net ties big enough for the tree around the base so the cat will stay away. Gather the net and place decorations that the cat wants to play with.

Holidays are fun for both the family and your cat. Make sure your cat is included in activities during the holidays and don't forget it. They will enjoy it as much as you.

Not including them can cause damage to the parties and the cat, feeling left out.

Have a good holiday and don't forget to bring a gift for your friend, your cat.

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