Training a cat to do tricks

 Training a cat to do tricks

Are the tricks your cat doing tricks that you approve of your cat doing, or are they bad habits or behaviors? Did you know that you can teach a cat the difference between good and bad tricks?

Teach your cat tricks and depending on the trick, the task can be simple. Jumping into a hoop, or onto a pole, sitting up, or meowing are good tricks to teach. With the different tricks, this will help show the behaviors that you approve of. Also, it could help prevent the cat from climbing on furniture, curtains, and the counter.

When training a cat with a new trick, you'll want to reward her with something she can relate to, for her behavior. A good healthy treat is a good source of reward, small liver biscuits or a simple massage is another good way to let your cat know that this is good behavior. You'll want the snack to be simple and small and sometimes they may win more than one treat. By touching your cat, petting it, massaging it, or simply holding it, this is one way that both you and your cat can show each other's affection. Once your cat learns a new trick or behavior, you can cut back on the snack. Also, over time you won't have to reward your cat for tricks or behaviors you have taught him.

Let's see a new trick for your cat to jump over a stick. Every time the cat jumps over the stick you want to reward him. Another good reason you want to teach your cat to jump over the stick and hopefully this will help if your cat isn't jumping off the counter or table.

 First, bring your cat to the stick and let her explore it. Next, you will want to persuade your cat to step over the stick. A good way to do this is to place a piece of popcorn on the opposite side of the stick from where the cat is. Every time your cat steps over the stick, you can reward him with a treat. Continue with the steps to play with the cat and stick. Keep lifting the stick so the cat can eventually jump on the stick to get the piece of popcorn. If the cat does not jump, no reward is given. Remember to reward your cat when she makes the move to a new trick. Finally, you'll be able to do the full trick knowing that there will be a treat on the other side.

Another simple trick to train your cat is to get the cat's favorite small toy, put a piece of string on it, and drag the toy across the floor. Your cat should follow the toys and jump on it as if it were hunting. Cats love to play hunting with things that move. They will pounce, jump and run after him.

Teaching your cat to sit at the right times is another trick to teach her. There are different ways to do this. Teach your cat his own name first and then use the seat to teach him that this will be much easier. Training a cat to sit can be done in the same way as training other pets to sit. You may need to take the cat and make him sit first by placing him in the sitting position and giving him a treat for good work.

Teaching cats new tricks can be fun. Remember to be patient and kind to your cat and your cat will be your friend forever.

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