Training a cat not to spray

 Training a cat not to spray

Toby the cat spraying everything and everyone in the place? Is this being solved into unwanted problems around the house? Is Toby going out the door forever

Male cats have been known to spray when in heat looking for Sue, the next cat. Marking their territory to let the rest of the cats that may be in the area pass, this is their territory and nobody is not welcome.

Sue, the female, on the other hand, is leaving puddles that allow the family to step in, sit and yes, even on the fresh, clean bedding that she urinates on. This is a sign that she is in heat.

One important thing you may want to consider is having them spread out. The percentage is around 90% that, after spreading them, the spraying will stop. This will return the home to a normal routine. You will be able to go back to sleep at night, remove your ear plugs, or even communicate with your cat again.

If you choose not to spading at this time, there are other ways you can help your cat during this period.

First, they will want to have all the activities at night. Try playing with him during the day to keep him away in the hope that he sleeps at night, without having to run around the house while you sleep.

Make a room just for him. Since they will keep spraying sometimes, you want the bedroom floor to be easy to clean. Make sure the litter box is in the room, make sure the litter box is clean with sand and free of any droppings it may have left behind. Make a soft and comfortable bed for him or her, pillows, blankets, prefer with an item that is yours, and washable. If the room is a guest room, you may want to cover the bed and chairs with plastic in case you ever spray that. There are mats that can help you with some other furniture in the room to keep it away. Make sure the room has a window and that you are allowed to sit close to it to look out.

Make sure you have some water in the room and adequate healthy foods. Don't overdo it, as he will want to go to the bathroom in the middle of the night, and if he's potty trained, you'll be awake.

Another thing you can do is get a pet cage. Put it on that during the hours you're not at home or at night when the activations are going to start. One drawback with this is that it will start to yell and meow and this could keep you awake. But putting him in the kennel in a room with the door closed far enough away from the sleeping family can fix the problem in a couple of days.

When they spray or leave puddles for you to clean up, there are different types of chemicals on the market that will help eliminate these odors and damage they can cause to furniture, carpets, or bedding. Look for products to help you solve the problem.

Spraying is a natural behavior, take precautions when spraying is evident, don't let Toby or Sue the cat spray you outside the house.

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