Train your cat for the holidays

 Train your cat for the holidays

When you go on vacation or take your cat out for a period of time, you will want the cat to be trained to travel in a car or vehicle so that the cat does not jump over the seats.

Buying a pet carrier is the first thing you'll want to do. Finding the right carrier is another thing you'll want to do. Knowing the proper size and fit for your cat will be very important to him and to you. A carrier in which your cat will like and a carrier that can be easily picked up and put in the car.

The first thing you will want to do after purchasing the carrier for your cat is. Let the cat get used to the carrier being nearby. Place the carrier in the cat's area for a couple of days and let the cat investigate with it. Do not push the cat into the carrier or your cat will not want to get into the carrier. After that, you will want to play with the cat with the carrier by placing something that the cat loves to play with on the carrier and seeing if the cat goes through it. Once the cat comes in and plays with the item, then you'll want to start rewarding little treats for the cat. Allow the cat to do this for a few days, once the cat is comfortable and perhaps lying in the pet carrier, you will want to start with the door, not close and lock it, allowing the door to be slightly open for a while. period of time until the cat is comfortable.

Once you can get the cat comfortable in the carrier, you can start by closing the door completely and then locking the door. Leave the carrier in place for a few days while doing this.

You can then lift the carrier and gently carry the cat around the house, so that the cat is comfortable in the pet carrier while you walk. You should do this several times a day for a few days, just to get the cat comfortable.

Now is the big day, to take the first walk, remember that your cat may not have been in the car. Sounds from nearby cars and cars and traffic noise will tend to scare your cat. You may want to take your first trip in a quiet area, with your cat by your side. There is music to play while you drive, with your cat to help you relax. Talk to your cat to help him relax and reassure him that everything is fine. If at any point the cat freaks out, you'll want to stop and help it relax to make sure nothing is wrong. By doing this, the cat will want to go back to the carrier next time.

Remember to bring treats while driving; This will help the cat know that he is doing a good job and that you are protecting him. When your cat is doing well in the pet carrier while you are moving around, you can give her a treat to let her know that she is behaving well. At no time yell or do anything to scare the cat, as your cat will be afraid of the carrier.

Be patient and practice cat training for travel. Now you can pack the cat supplies and bags you will need and have a wonderful vacation with you.

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