Train a cat to listen

 Train a cat to listen

Cats cannot be disciplined like you would a dog. With a dog, they are socially dominant and can be trained to be the dominant one. The reason cats don't react like a dog is that cats have social groups just out of respect and social groups.

Physical punishment of the cat will only make the cat fear you. So never, hit your cat or any physical punishment.

Train your cat to have appropriate behaviors and not be able to perform inappropriate behaviors as you will not tolerate this type of behavior. Cats don't like surprises; an advantage that you will have over the cat, to be able to train using surprise noises. Use clapping, a firm "NO" voice, whistling, or a water bottle to get your cat to stop unwanted behaviors. For these to be effective, you need to make a surprising sound immediately when the unwanted behaviors are being performed. Seconds later or even when you get home to find that the unwanted behavior will not be effective, as doing so as soon as the cat starts the unwanted behavior.

Never rub the cat's nose. Use the face push method, pushing the palm of your hand into the cat's face. This is a great way to let your cat know that biting is not acceptable if you have a cat that bites. Just push the cat's face back gently, don't hit the cat.

Some behaviors cannot be trained. Child testing could be the solution to that behavior. Small plastic container, keep valuable fragile items out of reach, find our reach spots for dangerous items so your cat can't reach and get into them. Make sure all items the cat can climb on if there is a climbing or jumping problem are secure.

Pet stores offer a variety of sprays, creams, powders, scents, and other items to help with training your cat. Catnip is available in different forms to help your cat know some of its territory. Scat mats are carpets that have very little current that are powered by a battery. These are great for the counter, the couch, or whatever the cat has been jumping over when your presents aren't in that room. Scents in sprays and creams for furniture, litter boxes and other items that help deter your cat. Then they will use a scratching stick.

Put on loose cloth, or cats with nets don't like catching their nails. Rub lemon, bitters, cayenne pepper, orange peels on items that the cat cannot play with. Place aluminum foil around the plants so your cat isn't digging into the dirt. Cats don't like the feel or noise of aluminum foil.

Toys for active people are also important to help you with behaviors. If you don't provide assets for the cat to make, you won't be able to train your cat. Catnip toys are great, scratching sticks, ropes and hoops to jump on. You can be cunning and make objects that the cat would like to play with.

Starting to train a cat when it is young is the best way, this is the easiest with you and the cat. With less stress, your cat will learn good behaviors more easily and you will be able to control natural bad behaviors.


One of the best things to make sure your cat is ready for training is taking her to the vet for a check and making sure she has received the vaccine. This is important; as if your cat is sick, you will not be able to train him. Also, for the hairdresser to maintain his coat and nails. Both are great for the social part of training. Your cat will need to see these people regularly, and if you start right away, it will help him with training.

Above all, patience, love, and caring for your cat will be a great gift you can make for training. They will love you too.

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