Train a cat to hunt - How to train your cat to hunt without eating the prey

 Train a cat to hunt

How to train your cat to hunt without eating the prey

Does your cat seem to be hunting all the time, pouncing on toys as they went to kill, raking their claws over your feet like they were a piece of meat?

Hunting is a natural behavior for your cat. Will they eat the prey?

When kittens are born they have a natural instinct to hunt. However, cats should not eat their prey. Eating prey is a taught behavior, not natural in a cat. Letting a cat eat its prey is not a good idea as a cat can contract diseases from other animals. This, in turn, can lead to the death of the cat or large veterinary bills for the cat to regain its health.

The kittens are born, they learn by playing to adjust their speed, coordination and they learn the distance from their prey. The kitten mothers, if allowed, will kill the prey and bring it home for the kittens to eat, eventually bringing home partially dead praying that the kitten will learn how to kill the prey and eat it. This is an important factor when looking for a kitten to breed. If you are not going to make the kitten eat its prey, then you do not want to have a kitten that has learned this behavior. If the kitten is going to a home and the intentions are to help hunt and kill its prey, then you will want to observe the mother and the kitten to find out what kind of behavior the mother has taught the kitten.

Families with farms are often the ones looking for cats and kittens that are good hunters. This help keeps the mouse population low in the barn, feeders, and areas that attract a lot of mice. Cats and kittens that are good hunters that are allowed to eat their prey also need attention to balance meals. You will want to feed them good healthy food with the vitamins that the prey will be lacking. Also, depending on the time of year, you will want to offer a good healthy meal, as the prey population is depleted.

If you have adopted a cat as a pet and you see that it is eating the prey, you can train the cat not to eat the prey.

First, if you see that the cat is eating the prey, remove it and offer it food immediately some type of cat meat that will give your cat the balanced and healthy diet that it needs.

Second, tell the cat that you don't approve of the food he has chosen to eat. You don't want to punish the cat for this, but rather let her know that you don't approve of it. Make sure you leave enough food for the cat to eat so she knows that most of the time she eats something.

Do not allow your cat to eat off the table or leftover meals. This is not a healthy diet for cats or kittens. A cat or kitten needs good vitamins and protein to build healthy bones, mussels, and brain cells. This can also lead to a cat hunting and eating prey. If allowed, training so that the cat does not eat, the prey will be difficult to do.

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