Italy travel packages every one can use it

Italy travel packages

Popes, painters, poets, lovers, potentates, exquisite cuisine, lavish landscapes and a rich historical culture are just some of the words that describe Italy. This place has it all from Roman ruins to Renaissance art, the canals of Venice, eye-catching churches, millennia of culture, history and gastronomy, making it one of the most visited places in the world.

Visiting this incredible place can take a lot of planning and wise travel choice, because as beautiful as the place is, it can be a very expensive place if you don't plan your trip carefully. Italy travel packages are usually the best way to get the best deal for your trip. Knowing who and what is a very important key to finding the best possible Italy travel packages. Who to get your Italy travel packages and what type of package to get is not as complicated as it sounds, but not that easy either. Here are some of the best options for excellent Italy travel packages from some travel agencies:

European destinations

This travel agency offers a six-night Italian combination trip that includes the following: airfare to Italy with overnight stays in Rome and Venice and a night train between the two cities; daily breakfast in each city, as well as three nights of hotel accommodation. The package starts at $ 699 for trips outside of New York and goes up slightly to $ 734 if you leave Houston. European Destinations offers several hotels in the destinations with 112 hotel options in Rome and 99 hotel options in Venice. They also have other great package tours to Europe, including a trip starting at $ 675, which is a five-night trip to Paris / Venice with a night's sleep on a romantic night train.

Gate One trip

This travel provider presents the least expensive travel packages to Italy, including their Super Saver Economy Package to Rome which includes the following: a six-day, four-night trip starting at $ 599 if booked for departure on the 6th December 27, 2006 or any of its four departures in January 2007; includes round-trip airfare from New York; four night accommodation; airline fuel charges; and daily breakfast. A similar trip to Tuscany or Florence, which is also six days with the same inclusions, costs $ 649 with departures on Wednesdays, starting November 14. One accommodation option available for this package is The Club Hotel in Florence.

ABC destinations

The package is one of the cheapest travel deals to Italy, which includes an all-inclusive five-day, three-night weekend travel and flight package that includes the following: air travel from New York to Bologna; a rental car for the entire stay with unlimited mileage, local taxes and insurance; Hotel accommodation. The package rate is $ 699 and is still available for the summer travel season. Some of the deals offered by this travel provider include daily breakfast and dinner. They also have nine-day, seven-night packages that start at $ 1,099.

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