How to train your cat on a leash

 How to train your cat on a leash

Is it possible to train a cat to walk with you? Yes it is and it is not difficult to do. Patience, practice, time and soon you will be walking with your cat.

The best time to start training a cat to walk on a leash is when it is a kitten. When a kitten is small, it needs to be taught the correct behaviors. Molding the behavior of a kitten is like we would with children. They are new to behaviors and don't really know what is right and what is wrong.

An older cat might be more difficult to train as it has some of its forms. With the patience of both you and your cat, you can train her to walk on a leash.

Let's get started, first you will have to buy a leash for the cat. One thing you will want to do is find the leash that is right for both you and your cat. There are many different straps on the market today. Some are retractable with an adjustment in the holder to allow the cat to have enough leash. On the other hand, you can let the cat have whatever it wants. This is good for walking around and letting the cat play, ensuring that it doesn't run away or get into trouble.

The other straps are standard straps averaging five to 6 feet, that would be a good length. The weight of the strap should be light. You wouldn't want a heavy one for a dog. This will put a great burden on the cat and will be uncomfortable.

Another item to consider is a cat harness or collar. A harness is the best for a cat. When buying a necklace, you want it to be very narrow and light. When looking for one, keep in mind that around the cat's neck you should leave plenty of room for it, but not lose it. The harness should be loose and comfortable for a cat. Being too tight can cause the cat to get sores and end up going to the vet for treatment.

Once you get the leash, collar, or harness, you'll want to play cat with the item. This allows the cat to get used to it and put its scent on these items. Once your cat has been able to do this, the next thing you want to do is start with the harness. Put the harness on the cat as loosely as you can, just place it on the cat, depending on the cat's reaction you can leave it on for a while or if the cat does not want to have anything to do with it, then you may have to play again with the cat. This step is very important, if you force the cat to use the harness, it will not be happy with the harness or with you. Take your time with all the steps.

After the cat is wearing the loose harness, it is time to tighten the harness until it is suitable comfort for the cat. At this point, you'll want to give the cat time to wear the harness. Once you see that it goes well. Now is the time to fasten the leash. Remember first that the cat plays on the leash. Put on the leash and get your cat used to wearing it. Then you'll want to start bringing the cat inside, until the cat is fine. Once the cat is comfortable on the leash, it's time to go for a walk.

When walking the cat, make sure it is not on a leash to run in whatever directions it deems necessary. Neighbors' pets will be outside and your cat may want to see them. Have your cat walk with you and not the accompanying cat.

Now that you are ready, you can exercise with your cat, as she needs the exercise too.

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