Cat training for severe weather conditions

 Cat training for severe weather conditions

Ever wonder if you should train a cat for severe weather? Yes, a cat can be trained for harsh weather conditions.

First, make sure the cat has gone to the vet for checkups and vaccinations. This will first protect them from the diseases they catch during a natural harsh climate where you can be separated from your cat and this is a good protection you can give them.

Make sure to train a cat to wear a collar. This is also important to have a necklace that says what their name is and the address where they live. You can buy the tags at your vet, pet stores, or most places that make tags. Don't get a big one, as it will irritate the cat and make it uncomfortable. Small but informative is the best kind. Also, be sure to get a tag from the vet with the vaccinations and any information that someone who finds your cat can deify your cat so they can return it to you.

There are many different collars for cats. Size, color and even design. It is up to you and the cat, which one would be appropriate for the cat. When buying one, make sure it doesn't fit around the cat's neck and doesn't get lost so the cat can take it off.

You will need to train the cat to fit the collar. A couple of tips would be when you are at home, have the cat keep it for short periods until it is satisfied and comfortable with it. If the cat is a small kitten, it is time to start with the collar. Sprinkle the necklace with catnip. Cats love the scent of catnip, which sprays can be purchased to aid with this training.

When bad weather hits, you can see your cat running for cover. Allow the cat to do this in safe places. If the cat is not in a good safe place, take him to a place that is safe for him. Create a safe environment for the cat. To get the cat to go there, put a snack there when severe weather approaches, make sure it has water, a small toy, and near a small kitty litter that is only used for this purpose or the cat will get mixed signals where it should go another way. Then leave the cat alone. Cats have a natural fear of inclement weather and know how to protect themselves. Don't try to train your cat to get used to harsh weather. We have to allow cats to use part of the natural instinct with which they are born.

If your cat goes wild during severe weather, it might be great to start with a lockable kennel. To help them with this when severe weather approaches, put the cat in the kennel spray or put some catnip in the kennel, this will help. Lock up the cat and make sure everything is okay and they are safe. You will want to put the kennel in the area where the cat will eventually go alone and stay out of the kennel in bad weather.

For a climate that is harsh enough for you to be separated from your cat, make sure he is comfortable. Favorite toys, blankets, pillows, or things that you know will make them feel comfortable.

Leave a good amount of water and food for the cat. There are automatic feeders that hold water and dry cat food. This will allow them to eat and know that they can.

In severe weather and your cat will be outside, leave shade for a cat on hot days. You can place an umbrella, a box that allows good air flow, or a small table so you can climb in the shade. In winter or on cold days, if the cat cannot get into a warm place, protect it with rags, newspapers or something that helps protect it. Remember that if a cat is used to being indoors and left outside, we must protect it from the weather.

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